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Export Services

Buy direct from the manufacturers, we offer our services for customers worldwide.

  • We have exported to Puerto Rico, Mexico, Virgin Islands, Bahamas, & Jamaica

  • We crate your order to ensure it arrives in perfect condition to you.

  • You are always updated with the status of your order and provide you with pictures of your order being dropped off at the shipper.

  • You will also receive an email with a scanned invoice signed by the shipping rep that received your order for peace of mind. 

Crating and packing


We crate all orders being exported. We ensure the crates are the correct size to ensure your purchased product is not sliding and getting scratched during travel.  




Once the order has been packed, we prepare to deliver the order to your preferred shipper.  We provide you with pictures of your order at your shippers location being dropped off as well as signed invoice by the shipping representative who recieved your order. 


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Give us a call today for a free quote or send us an email via our contact sheet just click the button below. 

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